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Paul Nowles at Crabby's 04/07/21

The only downfall of blogging is that in looking for new people to write about I quite often miss out on going to shows by performers that I really enjoy just for the sheer pleasure of it. Paul Nowles is one of those performers so when I saw that he was playing at Crabby's late this afternoon I threw on shorts and a tank, left my shoes at home and headed on over to where the sand was warm underfoot, the sun was shining and the rock was ON.

As I landed to Paul singing Creeds " My Sacrifice" my smile was wide, for this man has a voice that is just made for rock, its raspy, its gruff, its cigarettes washed down with whiskey just nails the description of what I imagine someone to be who has lived the rocker life for a long time.

Not only is Paul a fantastic artist but he is a damn nice guy who not only made sure to greet everyone that came in to see him but also took time out to praise venue owners Rocker and Drem and give a shout out to my blog.. In my book the mark of a true professional who has no ego.

As Paul gave it his all with a set that included, Walking in Memphis, Rock On, Bed of Roses and The Heartland by Michael Stanley, his biggest musical influence, I looked around the venue, which was decked out in red, white and blue for American Independence Day, and as an Aussie who is extremely patriotic it was heart-warming to see. The venue looked great and Paul even did a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by Madison Rising, and let me tell you it was freaking awesome, who knew a national anthem could go rock? (beats Roseanne Barr anyday).

Throughout it all my gaze kept being drawn back to the magnificent white lion at Cheyanne Sinatra-Nowles feet......a reminder of getting lost in the world of Narnia so long ago as a child (and nothing to do with singing at all l but I needed to mention it lol.)

A wonderful hour chilling out doing something because I wanted to , not because I felt I had to.

Thank you Paul Nowles, I wont leave it so long before I catch you again.


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